Your Mother is Killing Your Business

Your Mother is Killing Your Business

If you’ve ever watched American Idol, you’ll easily remember the many people who believe with all of their heart that they are great singers when in reality, they shouldn’t be singing in the shower.

At first, you think the little wannabe is just trying to get attention but after a few seconds of the post audition interview you realize – this guy is serious, he really thinks he can sing. As astounding as that is, what’s even more shocking is that many business owners do the same thing. They fool themselves into believing that they are great at running a business, simply because their friends and family tell them that they are great. The truth… Most business owners are great at their craft and bad at business. They are especially bad at marketing their business. Friends and family are not the best people to give you feedback on whether or not you are a good business person or even if you have a great business concept. There are a lot of great business ideas that seem strong up front but are fraught with too many hurdles to make any money.

The same is true in the negative. Friends and family can often give so much negative feedback that they discourage the entrepreneur from taking the risk at all. This is not good either. Family and friends can be very good for business.

When your family is willing to trumpet your business from door to door, phone to phone and wall to wall (subtle Facebook reference), include them in on the action. Let them know exactly what you do and what problems you solve and set them loose. This is where friends and family can be very important to the success of your business.

Of course friends and family are important. They provide personal support for you and most of us business owners would never make it through the storms of business without the love and kindness of our loved ones.

It’s an important role of the business owner to understand the power of those who are closest to them both for good and for bad. Make sure they play a proper part in your business and by all means…

don’t let your Mom kill your business by being blindly positive out of love – or harshly critical out of ignorance.

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  1. A timely and WONDERFUL article. Love the succinct last line "…by being blindly positive out of love – or harshly critical out of ignorance." Thanks for sharing your thoughts here…

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