Why They Buy & Why You Should Care

I have a pet peeve!

In all my years in sales I have sat through countless seminars, trainings & sales events. That’s not the peeve. My peeve is trying to recall the number of instructors that have done a truly great job and showing the listeners exactly why people make buying decisions. Here’s the normal speak:

  • The 4 stages of selling
  • Building rapport
  • How to close in 187 different kinds of ways
  • Never take no for an answer
  • Overcoming objections
  • Confidence in selling
  • Etc., etc.

Now don’t get me wrong; none of the topics on the list are bad – in fact, you’ll see a lot of that stuff on this blog. It’s not about good or bad, it’s about foundation.

The real secret to becoming a great marketer and in turn a great sales person is in knowing the real reasons why people buy. So I’ll wrap it together in one sentence:

“People buy because they feel good!”

That’s it. They feel good about something and that’s why they buy it. They feel good about someone and that’s why they buy from them.

Most people make the mistake of thinking that buying decisions are made through a critical thinking process that weighs the pros and cons, costs and benefits and on and on. This is not how the human psyche works.

People buy through emotion and justify their buying decisions with logic. You have to give them enough logic to justify the decision but mostly, you have to give them the right feeling.

How they feel about you, how they feel about your company, how they feel about your competition, how they feel about your product or services, how they feel about your industry, how they feel about their problem, how they feel about solving the problem, how they feel – how they feel – how they feel.

Different stimulation will make different types of people feel differently.

The way a person feels about something is tied to many different factors that are individually discussed in other posts on this blog.

The sales person who drives the Hummer sends a certain message that makes some people feel great about that person and others feel uncomfortable. A bad economy drives some to cower back and save to feel more secure while others start new businesses and take more risks so that they can eventually feel more secure. Same desire… different response.

The job of marketing is to advance a message that addresses the common truths about how MOST people feel about a given topic or circumstance. The job of sales is to pick out the specific and individual nuances of those common truths as a way of further bridging the gap and making the client feel even better about buying and buying from you.

Study all the sales tactics and strategies all you want but if you don’t know why people really buy… you’ll win fewer battles and may lose the war.

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