What’s in a niche?

In a nutshell, a niche is an infinitely specific category or group of anything with common qualities. A group of people can be a niche. A type of book can be a niche. A type of store can be a niche. To elaborate even further, you could have a niche that includes women who read romance novels purchased from grocery stores.

Typically, the more targeted your niche the more specific you can design your marketing campaign. There are an infinite number of niches, and even more, there are hundreds of thousands of ways to make another niche out of any niche.

Can a niche be too targeted? That depends on what your trying to do, or sell. Say for example that you are a book publisher, you want to use your marketing dollars efficiently so you decide that you have sell something. Unless of course you are a book publisher trying to sell cars, you have to sell books to someone; perhaps a very specific someone or small group. Following my previous example, your niche would women who buy romance novels from grocery stores.

Could it be that a too-targeted niche would be a detriment to your sales? Maybe, if your niche was women who like to read these novels, only purchase them from the local grocer, and to top it off, exclusively look for the two dollar novels covered with Fabio’s sweaty Italian chest, and literary styling that could as well have been penned by any 9 year old on an iphone.

Something that specific may not maximize your marketing dollar. So just remember that a niche is specifically targeted, but not overly exclusive.

Contributed by: Elizabeth Erkel

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