What is RSS & Why should I care?

What is RSS & Why should I care?

These days, many folks are carefully trying their hand at web 2.0 marketing strategies such as social – from Facebook and Twitter,  all the way to the wonderful world of blogging.

This new world of marketing also brings a new world of terms and concepts that are not easily grasped by the average business owner or salesperson.  Not because they are complicated, rather because they are new

One big term and concept that I get asked about is RSS.

=> What’s the bid deal with RSS anyway?

=> Well, it’s not a big deal.  It’s HUGE!

RSS stands for Real Simple Syndication but don’t let the name fool ya, it’s not all that simple, even to most smart folks.  Here’s the quick glimpse into the mighty power of RSS.

The blog has truly revolutionized the web.  One of the main reasons is that blogs are updated so often with new content.  The web loves new content so that’s part of what makes them so popular with surfers and search engines alike.  Fresh content on the web is like fresh water to a thirsty farmer.

Because blogs are updated so often, it became necessary for viewers to visit these sites more often so as not to miss the great fresh content.

=> Enter RSS

RSS is a tool that allows for visitors who enjoy your site to essentially bookmark your site.. only better.  Instead of having to visit your site on a regular basis, RSS will send any updated content right to your subscribers – the moment it is posted.

The RSS feed as it’s called, sends the information to special RSS Reader that can neatly organize and display all of the subscribers chosen feeds (yours & others).  The most popular of these (and my RSS Reader of choice) is Google Reader.  It’s free and like everything Google, it integrates with other Google tools as well.

The big deal…

The golden ticket for all small businesses and sales pros is to gain the trust of our target market.  This is why we blog, it builds massive trust fast.  RSS allows for your content to be followed and read quickly, keeping you in front of your audience every time you post with no extra effort on their part.  As long as you are delivering valuable content, this will translate to sales for your business.

Another big benefit…

As a blog owner you are constantly looking for fresh content that will dazzle your target market.  Personally using RSS to bring the best content to you will offer a constant flow of great ideas.  Now.. use these ideas to springboard fresh and useful content that will make your subscribers and viewers love you like a high school sweetheart.

RSS is a critical blogging tool, both for syndicating your voice to the world and aggregating ideas that inspire you and bring value to those you want to please the most.

The best place to start using RSS is to subscribe to this blog by clicking the RSS or Follow Me links.

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