Top 3 questions to ask yourself to determine how you market.

I’ve always loved to start with questions. When you’re stuck, you need to break down the bigger picture to get to the heart of what’s causing you to be stuck. When your a jumbled mess and unorganized, and when your marketing efforts are failing you need to revamp. Start from the beginning by gathering your wits and asking yourself all kinds of questions.

To move forward in marketing start by asking yourself the top three questions and go from there. Use your creativity and just go with it.

Number one, ask: why do I want you? This refers to your clientele. Think of it like you are in a relationship with them. Why do you want them, need them, crave their approval, and why on earth are they so stubborn some times!

When you’ve figured that out ask question number two: How do I get you to see me? Just like in a relationship sometimes lots of compromise is required. You have to listen to them, give them presents, comment on how nice they look and how much you appreciate them, and, you have to spend time with them, which means you go where they are, and you do what they like to do.

Thirdly, ask yourself: How do I get you to buy from me? While this may not be your ultimate goal in a relationship with your significant other, it’s a must ask question in your relationship with your clientele.
The main thing to remember is that you don’t want to let on that this is your ultimate goal, however, if you’re genuine and sincere with their best interests at heart when answering the first two questions, this shouldn’t be a problem.

This question is a bit harder and definitely more broad than the first two, so take your other answers and use them for this question. People buy from those they trust and trust is found in relationships and loyalty. So, build a solid foundation of relationships, loyalty, and trust, and you will have clientele that buy from you.

Stay tuned for an deeper look into each of these questions next time!

Contributed by: Elizabeth Erkel

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