The Tension Factor: Jeff Hayzlett’s Wicked Good Advice

I saw an interview recently with Jeff Hayzlett, CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) of Kodak.  There was a comment in the interview that I cannot get out of my mind.

“What is Jeff’s job?  #1… it’s to create tension, wherever he goes!”


I remember posing a tag line to a group of business owners once that was a little edgy.  Not overly edgy but enough to slice a little.  I can’t tell you the tag line because it’s still in the usable stage but I can tell you this… they loved it but could not use it.

How can you love something but not be able to use it in marketing?

Easy, be afraid to create tension.

If you want to push your business beyond the boring and mediocre, you have to actually push.  Push through the fears of what some will not like and sharpen the blade of your marketing knife.

Marketing is about grabbing your audience and sending a powerful and compelling message that moves them to action.  What type of message will move your audience to action?  Well it’s not a boring and dull message… it’s a tense and sharp one.

Look… there’s a switch in every business owners mind.  The switch, when flipped with change the way they see business and move them upward to greater heights.  The problem with the switch is that most business owners or sales professionals will hide it from view so no one can flip it.

The switch is electric and it lights up a business in the minds of a prospect.  No switch, no electricity, no lighting up… boring and dull.

Create tension!  (Below is a video of the interview)

One Response to “The Tension Factor: Jeff Hayzlett’s Wicked Good Advice”

  1. This post is beyond awesome. I am always wondering what to do and what not to do so I will follow some of these tips.

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