The Four Most Powerful Marketing Elements… Ever!

If you pay attention to all great marketing strategies, they all incorporate these four elements.

1) A System: Many people struggle to understand how a marketing strategy can be a system. I think this is because they confuse marketing with advertising. Advertising can also be done in systems but that’s not how most entrepreneurs think about it.

When we thing of advertising, we think of placing ads, making commercials, billboards, etc.


Advertising is one aspect of marketing and marketing can definitely be put into systems that yield repeatable results over and over. All great marketing strategies are systematized.

2) Automation: Automation is a real buzz word in business these days mostly because technology has made it more reachable for low budget businesses. Automation has always been involved in great marketing strategies.

The definition of automation is when is: The automatic, self regulating control of equipment, systems, or processes. Even when technology was primitive, automation was involved. Automation gives many benefits to the business owner or entrepreneur: Lower labor costs, set it and forget it workflow, focused organizational leadership, etc.

More on automation lurking inside this blog…

3) Celebrity: Yes, I said celebrity – either the use of one or the creation of one. These days especially, the power of celebrity can surge a product, service, sales professional or company into rapid growth and profit.

Human beings are fascinated with celebrity.

There has never been a time in history when celebrity was more easily used or easily obtained. We not live in the days of the ceWEBrity. Online video, blogs, social media & podcasts have handed the power of ceWEBrity creation over to the average Joe. Not to mention reality TV!

Want to sell a product or service… get, create or become a celebrity!

4) Expert Status: Consumers need validation of a product or service. Knowing that they are dealing with an expert is an instant reason to buy or an excellent validation for a buying decision.

What does not sell better when an expert is telling you it’s worth buying?


So many ways to establish oneself or one’s company as an expert in a certain field: Write a book, create a training, seminar speaking and so much more. All of these ways are now and will be further drilled into in other posts on this blog.

You have now been introduced to what I call the SACE Marketing Model:


Expert Status

4 Powerful Marketing Elements that should be incorporated into EVERY marketing strategy… period.

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