The Cardinal Sin of Marketing

I meet business owners, entrepreneurs and sales folk every week.  They all want to know how to market better, get more business and increase the bottom line.

So I ask – What are you doing to set yourself apart?

Blank stares, heads down, ums & ahs and disgruntled embarrassment ensue with no real answers and zero confidence that something great could happen with the right marketing strategy.

The truth… nearly every lost marketing soul I talk to is guilty of committing the cardinal sin of marketing, they are… BORING!

Here’s the worst part, the people I meet are not boring.  They are full of energy and personality and they are all experts in their field.  They laugh, tell jokes, have opinions and they are full of spit and vinegar.

So why do they choose to be boring in their marketing?

They don’t!!!

It’s not that they choose to be boring but they don’t choose not to be boring. Memorable marketing takes conscious effort while boring marketing comes naturally to most people.  Most people don’t believe that they can capture their personal essence in the message and image that they convey.

So.. to avoid the cardinal sin of marketing you must make a conscious choice to let your true self come out.  Whether you’re goofy, brash, bold, fun or aggressive – you are not and cannot be boring.  Customers walk by boring stores, they walk in to something interesting.  Be interesting.

Make a conscious effort to NOT be boring.

2 Responses to “The Cardinal Sin of Marketing”

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  2. Great advice. So, I guess the Freezer Divas are “not boring” because “We Don’t Like to Cook!” ;) And if we start doing video pod casts with live, in-the-trenches, mom-freezer- cooking…we’ll be blissfully zany with all the little people popping up. It will revolt some (but be memorable) and it will endear others who can relate, right?

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