Still think Social Media is a Fad?

I don’t know many folks who fully embrace the “Social Media is a fad” idea any longer but there are still those who choose to ignore it because they don’t understand it, don’t have time for it or simply just don’t get it.

This video should help to open the eyes of those who are still procrastinating. I have a few comments following the video if you’re interested:

I post this today from as a warning to those procrastinators out there. It’s not that Social Media is a great way to market yourself or your business. It’s not that there’s a lot of people using social media every day. The issue for those who choose to stay afraid of it or not have time for it is that social media is already becoming the dominant platform for all online commerce. What’s even more important is that it’s becoming a dominant platform for ALL commerce period.

There is no choice any longer for businesses to engage through social media. Businesses that don’t will risk the loss of current customers to those who are willing to engage and will be out hustled for any new business in the future. It’s easy to out hustle when you attend a giant party will your target marketing every single day of the week.

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