Shocking the Prospect Through Pattern Interrupt

Shocking the Prospect Through Pattern Interrupt

Pattern Interrupt in Sales & Marketing

We’ve all been there before: Stuck in a rut of thoughts and emotions. Droning through the hours, days or even weeks just plodding out the predetermined course that is our work, or chores our life.

How do you break through your prospects personal malaise to get them to notice your message in the midst of all the other random thoughts passing through their brain on an hourly basis.

NLP teaches a concept called “Pattern Interrupt” where you essentially shock your prospect out of their state of blah and into a state of paying attention. You might think that shocking would be bad but in this case it is incredibly powerful.

If you think of where your prospect spends most of his/her mental energy during day you can easily do something that will take them out of that mindset by saying, doing or sending something that does not fit with their current state of mind. In fact, one of the most often taught sales techniques is to get your prospect talking about themselves, their lives, their family, their hobbies. This is actually an example of pattern interrupt.

By taking someone who spends almost all of their day wrapped up into “business speak” and problem solving and move them to think about their family and hobbies, you are breaking them out of the drone and into fresh territory where they are more apt to connect and listen.

Using pattern interrupt as it relates to your prospects daily state is one way but you can also use it as it relates to what they expect from you they are about to hear or see your marketing message.  Overwhelm their expectations buy shocking them with the unexpected and your marketing message will cut to the bone and they’ll want to buy from you immediately and without question.  (Those are the best kinds of buyers by the way :-)

You don’t have to be shocking to actually shock someone. Pattern Interrupt can be used with email, video, audio, face to face, social media, networking groups or any other type of marketing you do for your business.

———>  You can be shocking though and I highly recommend it.  The mild forms of pattern interrupt, as I’ve discussed in this post, are great – but the spicy forms are so much more, well… spicy.

Using pattern interrupt as a way of catching your prospect off guard can be a powerful tool in your sales and marketing arsenal. Use it… abuse it.

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