Sharpen Your Internal Marketing

Sharpen Your Internal Marketing

So you’ve heard (correctly) that marketing is everything and everything is marketing?

There is an aspect of business ownership that many entrepreneurs brush over when it comes to their marketing strategy:  The Team!

I’m not merely talking about employees.  I’m referring to employees, subcontractors, key joint venture partners and even some service providers.  In other words… the good people who make your business work.

Since everything is marketing… we need to recognize that these folks can add tremendous value to your business’ overall marketing success.  If they have a sense of purpose and togetherness when it comes to your business and if they believe in the vision or mission of your company they will be outrageous assets to your marketing.

What’s the best way to insure that your team is helping and not hurting your marketing?

First off:  Pick the right people!  Give them a sense of ownership and a stake in the success of the company – but the simplest way is to Be Grateful.

  • Be grateful for their efforts.
  • Be grateful for their talents.
  • Be grateful for their sacrifice.
  • Be grateful for their intelligence.
  • Be grateful for their contributions.
  • Be grateful for their dedication.
  • Be grateful for their energy.
  • Be grateful for their attitudes.

Most of all, be grateful for THEM and let them know that you are grateful.

A simple, hand written card expressing your gratitude will fill their tanks with an energy that comes from being appreciated.

Do this consistently and genuinely and you will greatly enhance your marketing.

~ Happy Thanksgiving

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