No More FANS… do you LIKE what Facebook just did?

No More FANS… do you LIKE what Facebook just did?

The Facebook fan page is an ever evolving weapon in the marketing arsenal of the small business.  True to form, the great wizards behind the curtain have made what seems like a subtle change to the function of the fan page.

No more fans!

Well, the move may be subtle but I predict the results will not be.  Let’s examine the difference between “a Fan” and “a Like.”

  • As a fan, I will sport my teams colors
    As a like, I have no team
  • As a fan, I will shout until I lose my voice
    As a like, I have little to say unless I’m asked
  • As a fan, I have no fear of offending my opponent
    As a like, I am unaware that there is an opponent
  • As a fan, I will wait in line for the next great release
    As a like, I will download the one song I know from iTunes & complain about the 99 cents I had to pay

There is no question that a fan on Facebook was not the same as the rabid fan of a sports team or top selling recording artist – but the fan on Facebook was still willing to be called a fan.

What would you rather have, 10 people willing to be your fan
or 100 people willing to say that they like you?
I know… I can’t quite decide either.

Although moving to a “like” definitely lowers the barrier of entry for a contact to admit some form of relationship, it’s much less powerful than the willingness to be called a fan.

On the other hand, if the purpose of the fan page is to attract followers and expose your business to the contacts of your followers then the “like” feature will be an easier point of entry and will allow your page to go more viral inside the Facebook community.

The possible absence of the passionate fan may result in an overall lack of passion for your company as well but the balance of this decision by the Facebook gods will soon reveal itself as a yellow brick road for business exposure or play the role of the Wicked Witch.

One Response to “No More FANS… do you LIKE what Facebook just did?”

  1. Chad, you are so right on with this article. Semantics are, well..semantics. BUT, they make a difference in people's thinking and behavior.

    I still miss the "fan" option. :)

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