Networking Groups:  3 Tips to Double Your Results

Networking Groups: 3 Tips to Double Your Results

1)  Bring something to hand out – other than a business card

Bring a flier.  Not a full size flier but at least a half sheet flier.  They are easy to create, easy to print (even in color) and easy to cut down to size.  If you don’t want to print in color then print it on an odd colored paper that stands out.

Everyone… absolutely everyone will be handing out business cards.  You should have your business cards too but having a flier has three huge advantages for networking group marketing.

–>  One – it makes you different
–>  Two – it gives you a reason to connect with everyone in the room without feeling like you have to drum up small talk for 30 people
–>  Three – it allows you to promote a specific aspect of your business each week.

2)  Make a strong call to action with benefits

Your flier should have a strong call to action. For example:   Go to to get your copy of a FREE report called “How to Get the Lowest Interest Rate.. Guaranteed!”

Any advertising vehicle that does not have a call to action is missing the mark when it comes to actually generating leads for your business.  People almost never do what you DON’T ask them to do.  They will often do what you tell them to do.  It’s just human nature.

3)  Give a time line for response

Don’t leave your offer and call to action open ended.  Each flier should have a deadline to get what you are offering them in your call to action.  The deadline can be time sensitive or availability sensitive.  For example:  Only 50 copies will be printed so don’t wait.  Go and get this report before it’s gone.  Another good one is:  Offer available until Midnight on October 31st, 2010.

This is called “scarcity” and it’s a powerful marketing force
Creative Commons License photo credit: Nick.Fisher

By adding these three simple tips to your network group marketing strategy, you should double your leads generated by your networking group or groups over a 6 month period.  You may even see immediate results.

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