How do I get you to see me? – Question #2

(The 2nd question in the top 3 questions to ask yourself to determine how you market)

A) By getting attention from your clientelle.

You may be asking yourself if that’s not the same thing. Let me assure you that it’s not. In order for someone to see and notice you, you first have to get their attention and let them know you exist.

But before you start tapping on their shoulder, tugging at their clothes, and chasing after them at the bus stop, you’ll need to be ready with your opening line and what you plan to say to them. And since you only have one first impression, you have to get their attention in positive and memorable way.

A first impression may get you in the door but it sure doesn’t keep you there. Getting them to truly see you, now that keeps you there and in order for that to happen, you have to be the one to see them first, and you do that by getting to know them.

Taken as an excerpt from my previous post: When you’ve figured that [why do I want you] out, ask question number two: How do I get you to see me? Just like in a relationship sometimes lots of compromise is required. You have to listen to them, give them presents, comment on how nice they look and how much you appreciate them, and, you have to spend time with them, which means you go where they are, and you do what they like to do.

Now, you listen. You know that whatever it is your selling is the answer to a problem that someone needs resolved. You’ve already determined what mutual relationship exists between you and your customers by answering the first question. You then turned it around and looked at it from their side by asking: “why do you want me”. Figure out who has a problem and they will be your customers, figure out why they need it resolved and you will be their hero.

This is how you determine where and how much you compromise. Do research on the market that you’re in and find out what your customers are talking about and saying. What do they like and dislike about that market? What do they want to see more of, what is lacking? Do surveys, ask questions, hold Q&A sessions. You compromise by listening to your customers and shaping what they want by telling them what they need.

Give Your Customers Presents
Giving them presents refers to offering them free stuff. If you know what they’ll love, then they’ll like it even more if it’s free. Offer them something they’ll find valuable for free in exchange for a couple pieces of information. You can then continue to offer them bigger and better deals and great exclusive offers to keep them coming back.

Show That You Care
Show your appreciation to your customers by sending them thank you cards and taking an interest in what they’re doing in their lives. People love to talk about themselves, so let them and they’ll let you even further in their door.

Go Where They Like To Go
Know where your customers are. Go there and take part in any activities. A big ones right now is social media; those are online communities like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and blogs. People like to see your humanness, the fact that you have friends and a family but at the same time are professional and an expert at what you do impresses a very high value of you to them.

Putting yourself out there and staying in touch with them in these ways will help them to see you. You will soon become worthy of their attention and a trusted and reliable source for information, and that’s how you get them to buy from you.

Contributed by: Elizabeth Erkel

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