How do I get you to buy from me? – Question #3

(The 3rd question in the top 3 questions to ask yourself to determine how you market)

Brewing in all of your answers from the previous first two questions, is the answer to this question. To get them to buy from you, you must empty any doubt from their minds that you are the best person to go to. You have to be the best, know the most, and offer them great stuff they can’t get elsewhere. At least that’s how you have to appear to them.

That’s not to say you lie about who you are, what you’ve done, or be shady in anyway. This is about building relationships with a solid foundation of trust of loyalty. You do have to be good at what you do and truly have their best interests at heart. Even if you have confidence issues and believe that there are others out there that are just as good if not better – get over it, and when portraying an image of yourself, be sure that it’s one you can back up and are proud of.

To do this, do your research and know your answer when your asked why you want them. Beware that they wont ask you directly, you have to tell them. By and large, people don’t know they need something until someone tells them.

Truly listen to them and learn all about them. Know the kind of presents they like – so you know what to give them. Say thank you to show you appreciate them, and know what they like to do with their time and where they like to hang out, and go there for them! The biggest thing to remember is to hit from all angles and be everywhere so that you pop up no matter where they turn. It builds recognition and trust.

If it’s Facebook, grow your friend base with your target market and show an interest in the posts they make by liking and commenting on them. Create groups and discussions for them to participate in. This is also a good place to go to listen to what they want and need.

LinkedIn is another good one. It’s geared more towards professional networking, but it’s another place that your customers will look to confirm your credibility, and it’s great for networking for recommendations and business relationships.

A majority of your customers will likely soon be on Twitter using it much like a google search engine, so get on the bandwagon now to listen to what they’re saying.

As more and more consumers flock to real time accessibility of current and fresh information, blogs are predicted to take part in replacing the traditional website, especially as businesses are able to update, provide, and address the demand at the same speed.

It’s all about the relationship you have with your customers. Whether or not they trust you, like you, and believe you to be the best will determine if they buy from you. Use how you’ve answered the first two questions to develop your relationship with the customers and get them to buy from you.

Contributed by: Elizabeth Erkel

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