Great Example of Good Local Marketing

A couple of weeks ago, my car was due for an oil change. I’m not normally a coupon guy but a tear off sheet full of coupons showed up in the office mail and I noticed one for a near by auto care shop. A sucker for a good price and a convenient location so I stopped by over the lunch hour.

As I approached the shop location I saw the sign and noticed that they were promoting oil changes at a higher price than my coupon. That made me feel like I was truly getting a good price.

The lobby was clean and the flat screen was playing the History Channel. I noticed almost everyone in the lobby was watching. (Interesting)


I also saw a couple of nice little branding touches that might make some folks chuckle. My experience is that if you can make people smile while doing business with you, you’re doing something right.

All of this was fine but many shops run this way. Here’s where things got interesting.



When my car was ready and I presented my coupon at the register, the manager made sure to point out that, as a new customer, I would receive an even better deal.  I had already noticed the coupon language but something made me feel good about the fact that he pointed that out to me.

Finally, when I sat back down in my car, there was a daily newspaper in the passenger seat.  This was a totally unnecessary but highly impressive move on the shop’s management.

When I returned to the office I looked up the price of oil.  5 quarts of oil would have likely cost me more than $10.  I’m sure that Vrooom Auto Care made nothing on my service work but they certainly made the most of their time.

They made a new loyal customer out of me and they got some free advertising with a fantastic testimonial from this post.

(Disclaimer:  I have no connection to Vrooom Auto Care)

List of items to notice:

  • The road sign gave a clear call to action with a valuable offer.
  • The coupon was indeed – an extra value off the normal price.
  • The coupon offered a reason for a new customer to give them a chance.
  • The waiting room provided a pleasant experience because the chosen station was interesting to everyone in the room.
  • The in-shop branding was humorous and clean.
  • The management was honest, courteous and made sure I noticed the extra bonus.
  • The free daily news was an over the top, unexpected display of customer appreciation.
  • They made me feel good.  That’s the key!

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