Get In The Free Loop with Crossloop!

One of my favorite free tools online is  I have been using Crossloop for over a year now with very few issues and best of all… it’s FREE.

I know that most free stuff online can be cumbersome and rather finicky to operate but Crossloop really is quite simple and easy.

What does it do?

Good question.  Quite simply, it allows you to share your screen with someone else or they can share their screen with you.  That’s it.

Other services that are out there charge for this service but Crossloop has an ad based free account.  At least right now, I see no reason why I would ever get the pro version which is something Crossloop will need to work on if it’s going to stick around, but for now at least, it’s a great free tool.

How to get it.

Go to and click on the Get Free link in the center of the page.  You’ll need to download their little software utility to your computer which is no big deal and easy to do.  Fill out the short form and you are set to go.

Each time you want to share your screen, you will click on the Crossloop icon on your desktop and the software will give you an access code.  Once your meeting partner has downloaded Crossloop to his/her computer, you send them your access code and then everyone hits “connect.”

Have your meeting and when you are finished you can simply hit “disconnect” to end it.

Who should use this?

Really anyone but it is especially valuable for sales professionals who need to walk clients through documents or show a presentation to a prospect.  Small businesses can use it to view collaboration documents and make changes in real time.  I personally use it for training others on various different marketing systems for video or blogging.  My trainee can see me do what I’m teaching them to do.  You can even give them control of your mouse so they can learn by doing.

Give Crossloop a try and let me know what you think.  If there are other tools you would like to suggest that are free and online, I’d love to hear about them.

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