[Free Task Management Tool] & a Bonus Tip

I’ve started using a slick online task tool called TeuxDeux.com.

What I appreciate is its simplicity and elegant design.  Many online tools these days try to do too much and end up too complicated for the average user to consistently engage.

TeuxDeux allows for simple task management, short and long term task planning and could not be more easy to use.  Below is a screenshot of the TeuxDeux dashboard.  You can see how simple it it.  The navigation is intuitive and they have some rather humorous videos that walk you though the tool.

One draw back is that it does not currently offer reminders or notifications (at least in the free version),but in a way, that’s part of the simple functionality that I enjoy. 

How I use TeuxDeux

All browsers now allow you to set your opening tab structure for multiple tabs.

Because I use Google for most of my functions, here is a screen shot of my browser tabs as they appear when I open Chrome:

Far left is Google for search and general browsing, middle left is Gmail which is always open, Middle right is Hootesuite.com for managing my social media and the far right is TeuxDeux.com for daily and weekly tasks.

I like this tab order because everything is at my fingertips from the moment I open my web browser.  The only tab that really changes throughout my day is the search and browsing tab to the far left.

There’s really two great tips in this post:
1)  Make the best use of tab orders in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari or whatever you use.

2)  Give TeuxDeux.com a try and let me know what you think.
>>> I hope this helps!

Note: I also use a dual monitor set up with Chrome open on one monitor and Firefox on the other monitor which gives me extra functionality through Firefox plugins and more.  I use the Firefox for web development and WordPress functions.

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