Foursquare for small businesses in Midwest America – Top three reasons to get in now!

While fairly small and unknown in the Midwest and smaller states, Foursquare is booming in the big cities on the east and west coast and for good reason too. It feeds a need for friendly competition while giving small businesses the growth spurt they all desire.

Foursquare is a game played with friends and strangers that focuses on location, local awareness, and connections with each other and the businesses that are right in our backyard, and it encourages and rewards trying new things and meeting new people. Who doesn’t want to do that!

Since it’s growing at an exponential rate on the coasts, it’s practically guaranteed to soon saturate the Midwest. So, be on your toes and help carve the way it takes shapes in your neck of the woods!

The first reason to get in now is of course because it’s so new in the Midwest. It gives the small businesses in the area the chance to be involved in how it takes shape here and to be remembered as doing something different and new.

It’s hard to jump in and be the first on the band wagon, but the advantage you have in this case is the ability to learn from how everyone on the coasts are using it, learn from what works and what doesn’t, and integrate that into the trends happening in the Midwest.

While it is hard to be one of the first on the band wagon everyone loves to know them because they love to be the first to inform all their friends, and if done correctly they will be informing all of their friends about YOU and the cool new game you’re playing.

Secondly, you can develop a name and a reputation for yourself by the kinds of offers you host that entice people to play the game with you. When they do they bring you business, and since you have almost complete control over the rules of your game, you can create goals for your patrons that keep them playing with you and each other, but needing to come back to you for more. The way the rules of the game are interpreted can be geared towards your product, so any small business can play.

Foursquare brings game play to a market that has never seen it before – between clients and their clientele, so whether your business is young or has been around for ages the time is right grow your business and your name by playing games.

Lastly, it’s FREE to use. While there may be some costs in the types of incentives you offer your clientele, you get to control what types of costs you have. Since all companies desire to be recognized, you can easily integrate these costs into your other marketing efforts, but for a much higher payoff because of the loyalty you gain through your “game-play” relationship.

East and west coast profit and non-profit organizations, restaurants, retail, and even the San Francisco public transportation has gotten on board and started to engage their consumers through game play. All in all it’s a versatile online social platform and is definitely worth checking out.

Contributed by: Elizabeth Erkel

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    • Chad Michael Goehrin says:

      Thanks Alia – glad you're finding the information helpful. I'll do my best to keep providing good content.

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