Facebook Marketing Tip – #1

Facebook Marketing Tip – #1

Many small business owners and sales professionals are struggling to integrate social media into their marketing plan. 

I’m sure you’ve heard that it’s important but where do you even start?  Here’s a great nugget…

Start with a good profile page

Make sure you have your entire profile completed so that others canget a feel for who you areandnot just what you do.Upload some photos of you and your family, co-workers, events you’ve participated in and any charity groups you are involved with.  Tell them what kind of music you like, books you appreciate and quotes that mean something to you. 

I want to use Facebook for marketing, why should I do all this personal stuff?

Of course you should list links to your business websites and complete theemploymentsection of your profile as well, butfirst and foremost, Facebook is…Social. 

Absolutely no consumers are scouring Facebook to find a loan officer,

insurance agent, air duct cleaner, dentist orRealtor.  Facebook is not a

search engine or yellow page platform.

Think of Facebook like a big neighborhood get together.  Of course you can and will get business by meeting people at a neighborhood party but that’s not why people usually go.

They want to meet and connect with interesting people and enjoy themselves.  Trying to be all business and no social on Facebook is like showing up at a neighbor’sback yard clam bakein a 3 piece suit, wingtips and a black briefcase. You’ll stand out, but NOT in a good way. 

Make sure that other Facebook users can get a strong sense of who you areas well aswhat you do.

Wrap up

Marketing yourself on Facebook starts with a good profile set up.  If you are concerned about privacy, Facebook provides some settings thatletyou to identify certain groups of friends to seeyourmore personalcontent.  Make sure you don’t just block your entire personal life fromthepeople you are trying to get businessfrom;it’s a big mistake that many business mindedFacebookusers make.

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