Evernote The Forget Me Not

Evernote, the solution for me and all of us athazagoraphobics out there. We just don’t want to forget so we to try to remember everything.

If it could possibly be important or I could reference it at a later time, I save it; write it on a post-it, napkin, business card, wrapper, or hand; I take a picture of it; think of a mnemonic; repeat it my head at least seven times; eat a peppermint at the same time; or whatever else I can think of just so I don’t forget. I’m even fearful of forgetting the things I’ve already forgotten, but I don’t know what because I forgot.

The problem comes in the gathering of clutter. Suddenly I have post-its all over my walls; wrappers scattered about with phone numbers, emails, different trigger words, and shorthand that I can’t decipher; photos galore; I find peppermints in my hair; and I have a head full of made up songs that would turn quite a profit as jingles.

It’s gets incredibly chaotic, and in the end I never remember. So, I either gruelingly search for the information through my hoards of pathetic memory cues, or I inefficiently redo all of my research.

There just has never been a good way to store and capture all the things that I want to remember. Until Evernote. I can use it on my computer, the internet, and my phone, and it all goes into the same account. I can take a photos, upload videos, take screen shots of ideas and stuff I like on the internet all while recording the source of the information. I can type a simple text or sing one of my songs and upload it right to my Evernote account, and that’s just the start of what I can do.

In fact just the other day I finished taking photos of all of my business cards and recording extraneous information about the person, organized them all into categories and lists, synced it to my Evernote account and tossed the hard copies! I got rid of SO much clutter.

The organization and search capabilities of Evernote are what makes it a true forget-me-not tool, and they are what sets it apart from every other method I’ve tried in my fight to remember everything.

For me, the icing on the cake of this tool is that I can use it with my mobile phone. Since I have my phone with me almost everywhere I go, every time I think of or see something I record, organize, and store it on the spot!

I must say that when I first tried Evernote, I couldn’t get it to work with my iphone and almost abandoned it after the problem was deemed probably unsolvable. I just figured it was another program that was great in theory but not in reality. However, one day it just magically started working and it’s been clear sailing ever since! I have no idea why or how it started working, but now that I can use it, I love it! It’s definitely worth a shot!

Contributed by: Elizabeth Erkel

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