Elvis Is Alive

Elvis Is Alive

Sometimes the best lessons are not learned from the teachings of big businesses or superstar marketing gurus. Sometimes the best lessons are learned from every day, need to put food on the table, people who simply master their own universe to make a decent living. Elvis is a prime example: No… not the king of Rock-n-Roll. Rather – the King of Cabs in the Caymans. See the video proof below and find the grand marketing lessons that every business, big or small can and should be doing. Embed video from Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yfH9-mLo1VI

–> The big lesson here is about risk: How many cab drivers in the Caymans wish they had Elvis’ following? He’s built himself a consistent lead funnel by endearing himself to his customers. He’s quirky, fun, interesting and he’s a story to tell at the proverbial water cooler.

How many cab drivers sit and wonder why Elvis doesn’t have to vulture for business every day? Building a lead funnel is about building a group of people who like and trust you. Speaking of trust… Do you think Elvis would have this much of a following if he was a horrible guide and slammed into parked cars every other day? Of course not! Quirky as he is, people would not pay him to drive if they felt unsafe. Taking risks does not have to involve the donning of a sweet set of side burns or a hot white jump suit. It involves a willingness to be interesting to your audience in a way that your competition is simply “too dignified” to risk.

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