7 Ways to Find Inspiration for Your Blog Content

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If you’ve been blogging for more than a couple of months, you have no doubt run into “content block”. The single greatest struggle in having a blog is to continuously come up with fresh and original content.

This post is designed to give you the best ways to stay inspired with a long list of topics that will keep you posting to the delight of your readers for months and months to come.

1) Become a Subscriber

Both inside and outside of your industry, there are bloggers sharing great content that can inspire you to take your own writing in a myriad of different directions. If you’re not already a subscriber to several, if not many, blogs through an RSS Feed Reader than now is the time. You can also subscribe to many blogs via email but I find that it’s more difficult to keep track of the content over time.

AnRSSReadercanaggregate your feeds into one place for easy browsing. The key with this tool is to start by only reading posts that have compelling headlines. Skip the boring headlines; if they don’t inspire you to read, it’s unlikely that they will inspire you to write a great post yourself.I use Google Reader, I’d be interested to hear what RSS Reader you use.

2) Put Out an Alert

I’m going to sound a bit like a Google pimp here but Google Alerts is a fabulous source for fresh content. Go to http://www.google.com/alerts and type in a search term that integrates with your business or your best client’s needs. Set the alert to be delivered at the desired frequency and you’ll have a flood of great ideas in your inbox to write about.

3) The Other Side of Twitter

The big noise with Twitter is the ability to do short updates (called Tweets) to those who follow you and your ability to follow the Tweets of those you are interested in. That’s all good but there’s a more powerful function of Twitter made possible by all the great Tweeters out there.

Twitter search will bring you the latest information as shared by Twitter members for whatever search terms you choose. Use it to find the most recent and fresh content available online that will inspire you to write and make you a leader to your industrybyalways blogging about the hottest and most meaningful topic for yourprospects.

4) Check Your Rear View Blogging Mirror

Be your own inspiration by glancing back at your past posts to see if you can do one of two things:

1 – Update a previous post with new information that will be helpful for both new readers and subscribers who may have read the original post. Times change, new technologies or services come around, companies fail or expand; this can be a great source of fresh content.

2 – Expand on a previous post. There was something you merely mentioned in a post that could use a step by step explanation for your reader. Is there an industry term that you used that can be drilled into for better understanding to your prospect?

It’s likely that you have a good number of posts just sitting inside your current content, just barking to be let out. Let them out!

5) Go to the Source

Who are you writing for? If you are blogging to make money by selling a product or service then you have a specific person you are writing to. Go directly to that person and ask them what their most pressing issues are right now.Research the answer and create a series of posts to bring them value. You ask – they give. You give – they appreciate. They give again: This time with cash or credit card. Nice huh?

6) The Questions May Be Your Answer

LinkedIn,Merchant Circleand Yahoo all have great services where people askquestions specifically related to your industry. Don’t bother reading the answer to the questions, focus on the questions themselves.

Here’s a formula to follow:

Prospect’s question = Answer in Blog Post (deep, I know)


Question: How do I do XYZ?

Blog Post: How to do XYZ!

Please don’t ask me to explain any further.

7) Step Outside the Digital Plastic Box

The computer and the internet are not the only sources of great ideas.

  • Listening to radio ads
  • A misleading news story
  • Signs at a gas station,
  • An annoying billboard
  • An interesting item on the menu,
  • The personal philosophy of your hair stylist
  • A conversation between friends

These are the makings of great blog posts. Your clients and prospects live in the real world so pay attention to it and you’ll discover an endless supply of quality ideas to write about.

I hope this helps and I would love to hear your thoughts by adding a comment to this post.