Always Have A Point – What Not to Wear

Always Have A Point – What Not to Wear

Besides streaking naked through a football field, unless it’s appropriate for your target audience, there are few restrictions on what not to wear in your video marketing.

Whatever you’re wearing be it a business suit or a gorilla suite (or a face covered in clothespins) be sure you always have a point and be sure it matches the point you want to convey in the video. A business suite in the middle of a rain forest doesn’t get across the intense process of acquiring fine coffee beans as does the possible interaction with a gorilla! However, if your point is a weekly update on coffee in the stock market, maybe a business suite in a nice office by a window conveys your point better!

Remember to be a visually stimulating expert! Be comfortable, so that you don’t have that look of quiet annoyance (or surprise) on your face the whole video, and be sure to pick your colors based on your background so that you don’t blend into the walls, ceiling, or floor! Are you in a bright white office? Then don’t wear white or black. If you wear white you’re likely to blend into the walls and wearing black is too contrasting, both will distract your audience from the great content that you are delivering to them.

Going back to always having a point, unless it’s important to the point of the video, no loud jewelery or cowbells! Even the slight rattle of bracelets, or the tinging sound of a clanking cowbell around your neck, will be picked up in the audio from the video and can be very distracting, once again taking your audience’s attention away from your great content!

What was the lesson learned today? Always have a point and let your clothing enhance that point in your video! Now go have a point and wear it!

Contributed by: Elizabeth Erkel

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