Always Have A Point – How To Light Your Video

Bright and blinding, dark and squinting, monotone and wide eyed. What would you have your audience do? Do you want them to be mystified, scared, board? You can use lighting to convey a point, but only if you have a point! What emotion do you want to evoke from your audience, and how does that emotion relate to your point?

Perhaps you are a photographer and you want to create a video that displays your colorful and contrasting style! Perhaps you open your video with a bright and blinding light that slowly fades to a playful puppy romping among a field of colorful flowers, and in the background is a bright blue sky with puffy cumulus clouds. Then you come into the shot with your camera chasing the puppy and snapping glamorous photos the whole while with John Denver playing in the background. Then the video cuts to a darker stormy sky with thick rain-filled clouds and lightening. That same puppy, amongst the same field of flowers, is now contemplative over how to catch his tail, and sitting erect with his head held high the audience can see you in the background hidden in the brush (so as not to disturb the puppy’s meditation) photographing the puppy as if in his natural habitat. Perhaps the video then fades out dark to black.

Now, perhaps you are a loan officer and you want to convey to your target audience that you are giving them a market rate update. Perhaps more of an even tone would work better, given the nature of your craft, but you can still sit in a field and use the bright sunny light if your point is that things are going great with the market rates and sunny times are ahead, or sit in that same field with the dark stormy sky if rates are about to take a turn for the worse (or are already there) and the audience needs to act quickly less they be rained on with bad rates!

Just be sure to bring something to light your face to even out the tone of the lighting. On a sunny day you will want it to even out the shadows, and on a stormy day you’ll want to make sure there is enough light so that can see your pretty face!

What were the lessons learned today? Different types of lighting evokes emotions out of people, determine your point to determine the emotion you want your audience to have, and then determine the lighting!

Tip: Think of how you would feel in those different lighting situations, most of the time that’s how your audience will feel as well!

Contributed by: Elizabeth Erkel

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