ALL Business is social: Follow-up

Is it true?  Is ALL business really social?

What’s so social about calling an 800 number at midnight to order the latest version of fake jewelry while watching an infomercial?  Where is the social component there?

Let’s start by asking how that infomercial got on the air in the first place?  Was the deal brokered on a golf course or some swanky uptown bistro?  Most “deals” are not brokered in office.  They happen in social environments.

You could ask the same question about how the new fake jewelry even came to production.  Was the process void of social influence?

Finally, what about our late night buyer? Why are they buying the fake jewelry to start with?  How do they plan to show it off?  What outfit will they wear it with?  Who will be impressed by how un-fake it looks?

ALL business is social.  Believe me now?

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