5 Tips to Creating Video When You Hate Cameras

5 Tips to Creating Video When You Hate Cameras

I just met with an attorney who is great at what she does but when I put a camera in front of her she froze up.  This was not a shy or insecure person but when she saw the little red light, she was became a real wall flower.  Here are some tips to creating great video if you hate being on camera.

1)   The Screen Capture
You can create videos with great content by using a presentation software like PowerPoint and free screen capture tools you can download online.  Create your presentation, start the screen capture software and talk your audience through the slides.  You’re not on camera so there’s no need to hide under the covers.

2)  The Interview
Ask a friend, colleague or total stranger to interview you.  You provide the questions, they simply ask them and you answer.  You don’t look at the camera, you look at them.  Position yourself close together with your bodies facing forward at a table but turned just enough to face each other and not the camera.  You’ll find that you will be great at answering their questions because you wrote them and you answer them every day.  The camera is just an innocent bystander.

3)  The Host
This seems like it would be hard but it’s really quite easy.  Reverse the interview and ask someone else the questions and let them answer.  This has the power of a testimonial because it a non-sales person giving straight answers to questions that you wrote.  Don’t worry about looking at the camera.  At the end, you can cut to a screen with your web site on it and voice over your “sign off” such as “This is John Doe – we’ll see you next time.”

4)  The Actors Guild
Get a couple of friends to act out a normal scene between two people who represent your customers.  You may not thing that you know many people who would do this but you’ll be surprised how many Brad Pitt wannabes you have in your life.  Just ask around and they’ll start auditioning.  Give them a loose script to follow and shoot until it’s interesting and gets your point across.

5)  The Hard Truth
This one is off the path of the previous four.  If you struggle to be on camera… get over it.  The honest truth is that your fear of being on camera has more to do with you and your own issues than what anyone else would possibly think of you.  You are a business owner or sales person – take some flippin risks and get over yourself.  You’ll get used to it and you’ll sell a whole lot more stuff if you do.

Take these 5 Tips to heart and don’t let your fear of cameras get in the way of using video to market.

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