5 Great Reasons You Should Have a Blog and 1 Giant Reason to Ignore the 5 Great Reasons

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As a marketing consultant in Minnesota, I talk to sales professionals and business owners nearly every day and although they have heard over and over that blogging is very important to their ability to generate new business from the internet, they just can’t get on board.

This post is all about why you must have a blog to promote yourself or your business online. Blogging is becoming less of an option and more of a necessity for both online and offline businesses.

So, I have 5 reasons why you should be blogging and 1 very big reason to ignore the other five.

Here are the 5 reasons to blog:

1) Blogs are the best way to demonstrate that you are a real leader in your industry. Because blogs are all about giving quality information to your visitors, they will come to see you as a true authority in your field – if you are delivering good and helpful content of course.

2) Blogs give visitors reasons to connect with you over and over again. Traditional websites are mainly static. Once a visitor has been there, there’s usually little reason to return. Blog’s are updated regularly so visitors are more apt to return – for more good content.

3) Blogs allow for interaction. Visitors can make comments and ask questions on your blog and you can reply back. That makes them feel good about you and your company. Helping prospects to feel good about you and what you do is like marketing gold. It makes closing the sale a near after-thought.

4) Search engines love blogs. Because they always have fresh content, many blogs are taking over long held search positions of traditional websites. This means you have a much better chance of showing up on a high position for targeted keywords.This makes quality traffic to your site much easier task- not easy, but easier!

5) Blogs are super simple to set up, customize, add video, audio, photos and articles and you don’t need any real technical knowledge. Psssst… don’t tell your web designer I told you. You can use a bogging service such as Blogger.com, WordPress.com or TypePad.com or you can install WordPress on your own server and host your blog yourself – which I recommend.

Now let me give you 1 giant reason

1) A blog takes some commitment. It’s not a set it and forget tool. You need to post at least once per week or more for it to be effective.Most would suggest 2-4 times per week and sometimes more depending on the type of blog you choose to manage.The biggest stumbling block to using a blog is coming up with quality content to regularly post.

In my next post I will give some great tips on how to get content ideas to come to you rather than having to brainstorm them on your own. This will be a great post if you are currently blogging or plan to in the future.

Although these tricks make content creation much easier, it’s still requires some energy. Basically, if you can’t make the commitment to posting regularly… don’t do it. An inactive blog is worse than not having one at all.

Look for the next post to make content creation much easier.

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