3 Reasons to use Webinars in your marketing strategy

Depending on who you talk to you, webinars are either time wasters, are too technical, or are the perfect marketing tool.

To determine whether or not they are valuable for your business, you should examine your target market. If you target market does not typically have internet… webinars are a bad idea. If your target market does have internet… webinars are likely a very good idea. Those who feel that webinars are a waste of time have unfortunately been subjected to worthless webinars. You may have to work a bit harder to get this group to jump in but if your content is rich, you will win them over quickly. If it’s not rich, don’t do a webinar.

3 Reasons to use Webinars

1) Everyone stays comfortable

The sure convenience of webinars makes them attractive and will otherwise gain a great number more participants than a live seminar that requires travel and time away from the office or home.

Make sure to choose a user friendly webinar delivery service so that it’s not too cumbersome for your audience to register, login and participate. It also helps if it provides tracking statistics to see who actually attended and for how long.

2) Part of the Social Media Revolution

Although you don’t have to choose the option of having interaction, webinars are a great place to engage in deeper conversation with your target audience. Many services provide survey tools that you can take pre, post or even during the webinar to get feedback and guide you through your target audience’s most pressing problems.

Allowing chat function or Q & A can be very powerful for webinars as well. Your prospects love the opportunity to get questions answered on the spot and it builds your expert status in their minds at the same time.

3) Duplication & Re-purpose

My favorite aspect of webinars is that they can be recorded. Once they are recorded they can be easily converted to sellable products or used as freebies to attract future prospects in exchange for their contact information.

Once you have a recorded webinar and you have replay capacity, the sky is the limit in terms of how many times you can use that content to get your target market’s attention and you don’t have to do a fresh webinar every 2 days. This is a massive list building technique that can be used in ANY business, online or off.

I personally use webinars as much as possible with tremendous success in attracting prospects directly from my target market. For some, it’s a real game changer for their business.

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