Psychological Influence of Your Body Language

This video seems a bit old but the information is quite interesting.

Have you ever had an argument with someone where it seemed like the other person took your words totally wrong?  Their reaction didn’t even come close to the words you used?

It’s easy to see how that can happen if 55% or more of communication is actually done through the body, regardless of what is actually said.  More than half of your message is carried out through your physical actions during the deliver of the words.

Many sales professionals work very hard at picking the right words but spend very little if any time going over their body language as they deliver their message.  The best way to do something like this is by video taping an actual presentation or sales meeting.  This can be a challenge but it’s well worth the effort.

You will be shocked when you see yourself on video during a client interaction and it will allow you to get a strong sense of what your prospects actually hear when they meet with you.  Do you come across as arrogant and smug or meek and apologetic?  Are you strong like bull or do you execute a power that is under control and trustworthy?

Most of all, are you likable?  If you were that person would you like you as you watch yourself on video?

Your physical speech is more important than  the words you choose and one of the keys to implementing good sales psychology in your sales process.  Spend at least as much time editing your delivery as you do your message.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic.  Have you ever tried an exercise like the one I mentioned above or the one in the video?  What have you personally learned about body language and its affect on influencing others?

People Say Yes to Those They Owe: Psychology of Influence

The post title is a quote from renowned author and researcher Robert Cialdini.

Most people misunderstand the idea of reciprocity.  We almost always try to apply reciprocity by saying, “If you do this, I’ll give you that.”  That is not reciprocity!  It’s more like blackmail.

Reciprocity works when you willingly help someone to advance their agenda and they feel a natural human pull to return the favor.

“People say yes to those they owe.”

In another interview I read, Cialdini shares that the FBI is now using reciprocity in hostage negotiations.  It used to be, “Send us the little girl and we’ll send you some food.”  They now send in the food and then ask the hostage taker to release the little girl and they are seeing a higher degree of success.

Reciprocity (properly leveraged) is a powerful tool for influence in any business market.  But it should be applied as a cornerstone of your marketing and business model.

I’ve posted a video interview of Cialdini where he further explains the subtle power of the psychological principal of reciprocity below and I’d love to get your comments:



[Free Task Management Tool] & a Bonus Tip

I’ve started using a slick online task tool called

What I appreciate is its simplicity and elegant design.  Many online tools these days try to do too much and end up too complicated for the average user to consistently engage.

TeuxDeux allows for simple task management, short and long term task planning and could not be more easy to use.  Below is a screenshot of the TeuxDeux dashboard.  You can see how simple it it.  The navigation is intuitive and they have some rather humorous videos that walk you though the tool.

One draw back is that it does not currently offer reminders or notifications (at least in the free version),but in a way, that’s part of the simple functionality that I enjoy. 

How I use TeuxDeux

All browsers now allow you to set your opening tab structure for multiple tabs.

Because I use Google for most of my functions, here is a screen shot of my browser tabs as they appear when I open Chrome:

Far left is Google for search and general browsing, middle left is Gmail which is always open, Middle right is for managing my social media and the far right is for daily and weekly tasks.

I like this tab order because everything is at my fingertips from the moment I open my web browser.  The only tab that really changes throughout my day is the search and browsing tab to the far left.

There’s really two great tips in this post:
1)  Make the best use of tab orders in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari or whatever you use.

2)  Give a try and let me know what you think.
>>> I hope this helps!

Note: I also use a dual monitor set up with Chrome open on one monitor and Firefox on the other monitor which gives me extra functionality through Firefox plugins and more.  I use the Firefox for web development and WordPress functions.

Great Example of Good Local Marketing

A couple of weeks ago, my car was due for an oil change. I’m not normally a coupon guy but a tear off sheet full of coupons showed up in the office mail and I noticed one for a near by auto care shop. A sucker for a good price and a convenient location so I stopped by over the lunch hour.

As I approached the shop location I saw the sign and noticed that they were promoting oil changes at a higher price than my coupon. That made me feel like I was truly getting a good price.

The lobby was clean and the flat screen was playing the History Channel. I noticed almost everyone in the lobby was watching. (Interesting)


I also saw a couple of nice little branding touches that might make some folks chuckle. My experience is that if you can make people smile while doing business with you, you’re doing something right.

All of this was fine but many shops run this way. Here’s where things got interesting.



When my car was ready and I presented my coupon at the register, the manager made sure to point out that, as a new customer, I would receive an even better deal.  I had already noticed the coupon language but something made me feel good about the fact that he pointed that out to me.

Finally, when I sat back down in my car, there was a daily newspaper in the passenger seat.  This was a totally unnecessary but highly impressive move on the shop’s management.

When I returned to the office I looked up the price of oil.  5 quarts of oil would have likely cost me more than $10.  I’m sure that Vrooom Auto Care made nothing on my service work but they certainly made the most of their time.

They made a new loyal customer out of me and they got some free advertising with a fantastic testimonial from this post.

(Disclaimer:  I have no connection to Vrooom Auto Care)

List of items to notice:

  • The road sign gave a clear call to action with a valuable offer.
  • The coupon was indeed – an extra value off the normal price.
  • The coupon offered a reason for a new customer to give them a chance.
  • The waiting room provided a pleasant experience because the chosen station was interesting to everyone in the room.
  • The in-shop branding was humorous and clean.
  • The management was honest, courteous and made sure I noticed the extra bonus.
  • The free daily news was an over the top, unexpected display of customer appreciation.
  • They made me feel good.  That’s the key!

ALL Business is social: Follow-up

Is it true?  Is ALL business really social?

What’s so social about calling an 800 number at midnight to order the latest version of fake jewelry while watching an infomercial?  Where is the social component there?

Let’s start by asking how that infomercial got on the air in the first place?  Was the deal brokered on a golf course or some swanky uptown bistro?  Most “deals” are not brokered in office.  They happen in social environments.

You could ask the same question about how the new fake jewelry even came to production.  Was the process void of social influence?

Finally, what about our late night buyer? Why are they buying the fake jewelry to start with?  How do they plan to show it off?  What outfit will they wear it with?  Who will be impressed by how un-fake it looks?

ALL business is social.  Believe me now?

Social Media: ALL business is social

The question doesn’t seem to be dying:  Is social media really a beneficial mechanism for marketing?

Some laugh at the question as if it’s not even worth asking.  Some have serious doubts about whether this social media thing is really going to stick.  (yes, they still doubt)

If there is one thing we do know about social media it’s this:
Social media is not some new way of doing business.  It’s a new machine that can help us do business the old fashioned way.  The way that works.

The old fashioned way:  Social!!!

ALL business is social.  Somewhere at the top of the chain, there’s a person who makes a decision.

The single most important criteria to determine who that person will do business with – is a sense of trust for the other party.  Trust, perceived or real, is a social component.

Whether you choose to leverage social media or not, to be successful you must do business the old fashioned way… socially.

Marketing Your Business for Success (Chrysler Super Bowl Commercial)

Scene from Chrysler Super Bowl Commercial with Eminem

There are two pieces to the game of marketing your business that business owners don’t often connect.

1.  What you tell the world about your business

2.  What your customers tell you (about your business)

Don’t stop reading…

Many people would stop reading because they see those two bullet points and think, “I’ve heard it before.  Don’t make that mistake!

What most people believe about marketing is that it’s all about what you tell the world about your business.  Your logo, your tag-line, your value proposition, your image, your domain name, your website, your blah, blah, blah.

What you tell the world about your business is critical to your success.  It must be done with boldness and a great deal of thought and energy.  You need to spend money on it.  You need to work hard to craft every word that represents you and your brand.  You need to research your target to make sure you hit it with your message.  All of this is critical and no business will be successful without it.

So what’s the issue?

The issue is that most well meaning business owners don’t think that piece #2 is part of the marketing puzzle.  We have trained ourselves to believe that one is marketing and the other is customer service.


Like millions of others, I watched the Super Bowl last night.  Also, like millions I like to watch the commercials.

What I witnessed in the advertising was a solid degree of boldness.  I especially enjoyed the well written and stunning imagery of the Chrysler ad featuring Eminem.   The commercial was bold and creative with a powerful message of the hard working people of Detroit and how they know how to build luxury.

But then I hated it…

I hated it because it contradicted my knowledge and experience of Chrysler vehicles and Chrysler as a company.  Set aside that without two government bailouts over 3 decades, it’s unlikely that Chrysler would exist at all – my problem with Chrysler is it’s cars.

My experience with Chrysler vehicles (with few exceptions) is that they build in a great deal of comfort, which allows for the “luxury” label, but they consistently under perform in reliability compared to nearly all of their competitors.

The bottom line on Chrysler is that a car you can’t depend on cannot be considered luxury, not matter how many cup holders it has or how cushy the leather.  There’s simply nothing luxurious about constantly taking your car to the shop.

My love/hate relationship with Chrysler’s well made Super Bowl ad comes from my appreciation for good ad marketing and my subsequent disbelief that the car will be as good as they say it is in the ad.  Like most Chrysler vehicles, the build up is likely to be much more exciting than the cars.

I sincerely hope that I’m wrong… but history is not on Chrysler’s side.

Truly great marketing is when your customers feel the same about your product or service as your marketing message claims.

Producing a dependable and well delivered product is just as vital to your companies marketing as producing a bold and compelling message to the world.

Sharpen Your Internal Marketing

So you’ve heard (correctly) that marketing is everything and everything is marketing?

There is an aspect of business ownership that many entrepreneurs brush over when it comes to their marketing strategy:  The Team!

I’m not merely talking about employees.  I’m referring to employees, subcontractors, key joint venture partners and even some service providers.  In other words… the good people who make your business work.

Since everything is marketing… we need to recognize that these folks can add tremendous value to your business’ overall marketing success.  If they have a sense of purpose and togetherness when it comes to your business and if they believe in the vision or mission of your company they will be outrageous assets to your marketing.

What’s the best way to insure that your team is helping and not hurting your marketing?

First off:  Pick the right people!  Give them a sense of ownership and a stake in the success of the company – but the simplest way is to Be Grateful.

  • Be grateful for their efforts.
  • Be grateful for their talents.
  • Be grateful for their sacrifice.
  • Be grateful for their intelligence.
  • Be grateful for their contributions.
  • Be grateful for their dedication.
  • Be grateful for their energy.
  • Be grateful for their attitudes.

Most of all, be grateful for THEM and let them know that you are grateful.

A simple, hand written card expressing your gratitude will fill their tanks with an energy that comes from being appreciated.

Do this consistently and genuinely and you will greatly enhance your marketing.

~ Happy Thanksgiving

Networking Groups: 3 Tips to Double Your Results

1)  Bring something to hand out – other than a business card

Bring a flier.  Not a full size flier but at least a half sheet flier.  They are easy to create, easy to print (even in color) and easy to cut down to size.  If you don’t want to print in color then print it on an odd colored paper that stands out.

Everyone… absolutely everyone will be handing out business cards.  You should have your business cards too but having a flier has three huge advantages for networking group marketing.

–>  One – it makes you different
–>  Two – it gives you a reason to connect with everyone in the room without feeling like you have to drum up small talk for 30 people
–>  Three – it allows you to promote a specific aspect of your business each week.

2)  Make a strong call to action with benefits

Your flier should have a strong call to action. For example:   Go to to get your copy of a FREE report called “How to Get the Lowest Interest Rate.. Guaranteed!”

Any advertising vehicle that does not have a call to action is missing the mark when it comes to actually generating leads for your business.  People almost never do what you DON’T ask them to do.  They will often do what you tell them to do.  It’s just human nature.

3)  Give a time line for response

Don’t leave your offer and call to action open ended.  Each flier should have a deadline to get what you are offering them in your call to action.  The deadline can be time sensitive or availability sensitive.  For example:  Only 50 copies will be printed so don’t wait.  Go and get this report before it’s gone.  Another good one is:  Offer available until Midnight on October 31st, 2010.

This is called “scarcity” and it’s a powerful marketing force
Creative Commons License photo credit: Nick.Fisher

By adding these three simple tips to your network group marketing strategy, you should double your leads generated by your networking group or groups over a 6 month period.  You may even see immediate results.

*NOTE:  If you leave a genuine comment on a post, I’ll supply a quality backlink to your site.

Are You A Commodity? (Sell what everyone else is selling: Only Better)

Clip to Evernote

So how do you compete in an industry where consumers believe that everyone offers the same service and the only difference is price?

What if you can’t claim that you are the lowest price? Should you just quit?

This video talks about “The Out Strategy” designed to help you outsell your competition when you’re selling the same basic thing.

I’ve created an entire video on this strategy as well.

Watch the video and let me know your thoughts:

Please leave your comments:

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